Para was established by Mr. Ad de Kok and started off initially as a small trading company which has now grown into an international im- and export company specialized in buying and selling mainly stocklots as well as regular first grade stocks in all kinds of textiles such as shirting, suiting, lining, viscose, twills and drills, furniture fabrics (such as flock, jacquard woven etc.), curtain fabrics, poly/cotton, denim, football jersey, mattress ticking and all other kinds of textile materials.

if you want to see a bigger photo just click on the image

if you want to see a bigger photo just click on the image

Besides the textile division we also have a division which specializes in artificial leather for upholstery, shoe materials and car fabrics. This division carries a wide range of stocks in the following:
Resin rubber for shoesole (nora), leatherboard, paperboard, insoleboard, unsupported PVC, micro cellular sheets, shoe lining, shoe upper, PU materials, tarpaulin for truck covers, unsupported foam and car fabrics.

As mentioned above, we buy and sell worldwide and all the above mentioned goods are constantly on stock in our modern and well equipped Tilburg facility.

If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@para-int.nl or click one of the buttons at the side of this page for more product information and of course everybody is more than welcome to visit us at:


Para International B.V., Rheastraat 34, 5047 TL Tilburg, Holland, industrial site no. 1477
Tel. +31-13-5420858 Fax +31-13-5445971
P.O. Box 870, 5000 AW Tilburg, Holland